Tuesday, December 9, 2014


As I look at my calorie tracker, my closet, my bathroom, my house I realize that I don't just have a problem with food. I have an overall problem called "excess". I can't seem to get enough of anything. I have at least 20 bath and body works products in my closet, yet I just bought some new stuff on Black Friday because why not?!? It's really a sickness. I MUST learn to be happy with what I have. If I can only eat 1,400 calories then I only eat that many. If I have 400 body washes then I don't buy a single soap until all 400 body washes are gone. You know what I mean?!
So I'm keeping my original December goals, however, I'm adding: To be content.
I want to relish in all the amazing blessings I have in my life and to be content.

Let's do it!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The dreaded two little words...

December 1 - not January 1. I'm recommitting to my health and well being. I'm "starting over" as some might say. I'm ready. I want to take it a day at a time and for the first time in my life -- I want to commit. I don't want to have to make another blog post in two months about how I'm "starting over." I'm committing.

My plan is to use MyFitnessPal to track my calories. It's free and easy. I calculated my calories count for the day and have decided to eat 1,700 calories a day. Although for the next three weeks I'm going to try to eat around 1,400 and see where that leads me. I'm also going to wear my FitBit everyday. I always wear it until it dies, and then it takes me a couple days to get it charged and back in the groove again. I also would like to workout at least 3x a week although we will see. I'm mostly focusing on my eating to start with.

Here is my meal plan for the week:

Breakfast will include 1 cup of cheerios (100 calories), 1/2 cup of skim milk (43 calories), and either an apple or an orange.
Lunch will be a pre-packaged salad which are normally around 250 calories.
Snacks will be an apple and peanut butter or peanut butter crackers.
Dinner will be planned ahead and easy to make. I work full time, am a mother, taking masters classes, and trying to be a wife. Ain't nobody got time for cooking a four course meal when they get home..

I'm hoping to keep you updated on how it goes each day! I will post Tuesday with my official weigh-in weight and measurements.
Happy Monday Y'all!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Goals

 I am so excited! Besides it being a new month I just know this months is going to be life changing. I'm making goals - something I haven't done in a long time, and I'm so ready to rock this thing and see results!


I forgot to add that I want to lose weight at EVERY weigh-in this month. No more up down, and around stuff. I want to get busy! I want to LOSE WEIGHT!!

What are your October goals? What do you do to hold yourself accountable?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

  Good Monday Morning y'all! I seriously can't believe the weekend is over.

We had a busy weekend here filled with yummy deliciousness!
This is a Peanut Butter Puddle which is coffee, chocolate, and peanut butter all mixed together to make a frappe of sorts.
Seriously amazing and Lord knows how many points, but I get these once every four years or so, so I figured I would be ok to splurge. We then went to see Mary Poppins which is on at a local theatre here in town. It was SOOO good! They did an amazing job and really put a lot of time and energy into it. Here's a selfie I took with my skinny sister.
After the play we decided we hadn't had enought to eat so we decided to head over to Hurts Donuts. If you're ever in Springfield you MUST check them out! Best donuts in tome and so unique. This is the mint Oreo
If you follow me on Instagram you have seen this picture over a hundred times but I am seriously obsessed with Jiff Whips S'mores! 
It taste SOOO good and especially on chocolate chip waffles with black coffee. It's 8 weight watchers points which is a little high, but totally worth it. Obsessed!!

I finished my weekend by grading a ton of papers and crying about having to go back to school after enjoying a 3-day weekend. 

Hope y'all have a great week! Keep tracking along! <----- see what I did there! :)

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Broken Promises

The time hop app is good for many good memories that you want to remember, however it is also good for reminding you of promises that you made yourself and broke. 

A year ago I attended my first weight watchers meeting for the 3rd time. I was tired of being fat and feeling sick. I wanted a better life for myself and my daughter. I wanted more energy and will power. Here I am a year later and I'm exactly the same weight I was a year ago. Sure I have lost weight, but only to reward myself with food and then gain all the weight back. 

Last week after watching the Biggest Loser I vowed to have my last weigh-in (last Saturday) be the last time that I ever saw that weight again. 231.2 -- then I ate like crap, and gave up, and the same thought I have every week - I'll start again on weigh-in day.  So I weighed in on Saturday and by the grace of God I had lost one pound. 

So once again I'm starting over. I'm going to everyday work to make myself better. I'm going to focus on myself and my health more, and not on everything going on around me. 

Some goals for myself:
   - feel comfortable in my own skin
   - bust into "one"der land by January
   - stop giving up and making excuses
   - just do it! 

Follow me on Instagram at queenofpoints for my daily food updates. It keeps me accountable knowing that people are counting on me so the more encouragement the better. 

This isn't just a walk in the park for me. It's a life long battle, and I have to start battling instead of giving up. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meal Planning Tuesday

Although I normally do all our meal planning on the weekend, we were SUPER busy this weekend so I'm just now getting around to it. Here is our plan for the next three days!
I don't put breakfast or lunch into my meal planning because I never know from day to day what I will be doing.
If I eat breakfast it normally consists of either: eggs, bacon, cheese, and fruit
or waffles plain with coffee. I'm not much of a breakfast eater, but I know that it is necessary.
For lunch I keep lunchables, lean pockets, and sandwich stuff on hand.

This is of course my "summer" schedule, and once I start back to school my meal plans will look A LOT different.

Anyone have any good recipes for pork chops that are point friendly?!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

So What Wednesday!?

This week I'm saying SO What!?! to...
1. So what if I haven't blogged in AGES! I'm back in business. It's something that I truly missed, and although it is hard to keep up with during the school year I REALLY want too!
2. So what if we now have 3 cars and only two drivers. The dealership tried to give us $1,500 for our car and I was like NO WAY! We will sell this thing on our own! Meanwhile I'm rollin' in this baby..

3. So what if this kid has eaten more sweets this summer than she's eaten in her whole life. She literally takes two bites and she's done, and she looks so stinkin' cute when licking a cupcake!!

4. So what if I've tried all summer to perfect this hairstyle and still nothing. I'm not giving up!!

Check back Friday for a post on what I'm LOVING currently!!


Back to School... Well almost

Monday!! Most weeks I loathe Monday, because I know it's the beginning of another week, but since I've changed my weigh-in days to Monday I look forward to it because it's a BRAND new week!

First with my weigh-in. After having gained for the past two weeks I finally had a loss!!
Overall I'm still up quite a bit from the school year end, but I'm not dwelling on it, I'm moving on and making changes. 

I read a post this morning from Operation Skinny Jeans whom I love!! She talked about making little changes every day which totally makes sense! So many times I throw myself into something that I NEVER intend to do long term - no carbs, whole 30, etc. I don't do well with being so restricted for long periods of time. I think this is why I love Weight Watchers so much. You have options, and while you could use all your points to eat a pizza everyday and that's it, I choose not to because I like to get the most bang for my buck. I like at the end of the day seeing everything I've eaten and still stayed within my points. 

So my weeklies goals for this week are as follows:

1. I won't drink my calories - excluding wine :) - I'm going to drink LOTS of water, coffee, tea, and diet soda only. I normally do pretty good with this, but those stinkin cherry limeaids from Sonic are my weakness!!

2. Move everyday. Whether it's walking up and down the street, or having a dance party with the Princess I'm going to move. It's been a LONG time since I've done anything so I'm keeping my expectations low and just going to do it. 

3. Plan and stick to it!! I always have a great plan! It's just the sticking to it that sucks. I can do it though, and this blog will keep me accountable!

So here's to a new week! 

Check back this week to keep me accountable and to see my menu plan for the week!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vacation Life

Can I just say I'm in paradise!?

What's weight watchers again!? No, but seriously. Vacation is hard for me! The first day of traveling I ate like crap and paid for it. I have had a headache for three days, I'm bloated, and I just feel crappy. 
My goal for this week is to make good choices. Obviously a burger and fries are not going to get me closer towards my goal. I'm not going to beat myself up about what I eat, but I am going to make good choices that will make me feel good and not sick. 

How do you stay on track on vacation?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

First Week Back on Track Update

Hey ya'll!

This has been my first week back on track and if I had to rank myself from 0-10 I would give myself a 7.
Monday-Wednesday I rocked it. I went into some of my weeklies, but not very many and I was constantly full. By Thursday I was EXHAUSTED!! Summer school is pretty much sucking my will to live right now. It's so stinkin' early, and it's a full day. A full day with little to no structure = one stressed out teacher. So Thursday night I decided was cheat night.. Fried pickles (Get in my belly!!), two beers, and some catfish later I was feel PRETTY sick. However, Friday was stressful, and I eat my feelings (this HAS to stop) so I ate some cool ranch doritos for a snack instead of the fiber one chocolate chip bar I had brought. Needless to say Friday was a bust too.

It's so funny, because normally I would be like screw it. I've already screwed up my week, I'm out of all my points, etc.. Except this time it's different. I'm not quitting. So I had some screwed up meals. So I screwed up today and ate some CRAP food. Tonight for dinner I'm back on track.

I've learned that just because one meal was crappy doesn't mean you have to eat crappy all day long. Just start over at the next meal.

I won't give up! I'm in this for the long haul.

Check back tomorrow for my meal plans/grocery list for the week!!

How do you stick with it on the weekends?!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Starting Over

Today I decided to weigh. I haven't really weighed in like 3 weeks, but I'd been hovering around the same weight. Well I was up 10 pounds!! This is ridiculous. I'm so sick and tired of this up and down journey. I'm so sick and tired of stuffing myself into spanx everyday so I can feel semi-ok in my clothes. I'm so sick of my jeans not buttoning. I'm so sick of only wearing workout pants or leggings, and not because I'm working out, but because that's the only thing that fits.


I logged onto weight watchers. I've changed my weigh-in days to Monday (I think I'll be more accountable over the weekends this way), and I reset my weight loss tracker. I'm starting fresh TOMORROW.

My thoughts about food are going to change. My food habits are going to change. I'm changing. I will not let another birthday go by where I eat myself sick. I'm changing.

Be prepared for lots of posts about food and motivation. This blog is the only thing that really holds me accountable, so I will be having lots of recipes, and updates on how my journey is going.

Know this, tomorrow is DAY ONE OF THE REST OF MY LIFE!

I can do this!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Whole 30 Day 3-8 and a Do over...

 So as you may have noticed I stopped posting, and when I stop posting I've normally fallen off the wagon. It's funny how even though I have a handful of follower, just knowing that SOMEONE may read this keeps me accountable.

So on day 3 a parent brought in donuts for the teachers. I've tried to since starting this life style change live by the motto, "It's only temporary. SOMEDAY I will be able to eat a donut and be ok with ONLY eating one." However on day 3 I thought YOLO! and ate the donut. I couldn't even eat the whole thing before feeling so sick and shaky so I threw it in the trash, but we all know food for most of us is just like a drug, and all it takes is that ONE little bite and we're hooked again. Craving food. Needing more. ALL MY THOUGHTS WERE ABOUT WHAT GOODNESS I WAS GOING TO EAT NEXT. So then lunch came, and I had some chips and potato salad, and then the next day I had just a few things, and so on and so forth until tonight when I ate a FRIED grouper sandwich on bread, with FRIED potato salad, and two rum runners....I am OFF the deep end.

The great thing though, is tomorrow is a BRAND new day! I WANT to change my life. I am not giving up due to a pitfall. I am getting back up on the saddle and doing this, because honestly those two days when I was spot on with my diet I felt powerful. I felt like I was wonder woman. I didn't eat the crap that was thrown in front of my face, and for once I was feeling like I CAN DO THIS!

So here's my meal plan for the next three days. This weekend I will be gone all weekend so I'm a little stressed, but I'm hoping with the positive mind set, and the results that I will see in those three days that I will be ready to roll.

How do ya'll deal if you know you are going to be gone for a weekend? What do you order at restaurants when you are trying to be good?

Hope you have a great Tuesday and I'll keep you posted about my days!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Whole 30 Day 2

Hey ya'll I'm hanging in there for day 2, which was WAY harder than day 1. I think when it is 90 degrees outside you must have three things; alcohol, hot dogs, and baked beans. All of which I can have none of, so I've been a little testy!

Breakfast was these DELICIOUS muffins! Recipe found HERE

Question - This recipe says it's Paleo, which I totally understand, but what I don't understand is how the chocolate chips are ok? There were just a few in the recipe so I thought it was fine, but didn't know your thoughts?

Lunch included a salad again with two strips of bacon, sunflower seeds, and fat free poppyseed dressing.

For snack I had an orange, and honestly I was starving. I'm not sure what the difference between today and yesterday was, but I definitely needed something more than just an orange for a snack. So on the way home from school I ate grapes.

Dinner was by FAR my favorite meal!
Seriously AMAZING!!!
So this is something that I kind of made up on my own based on this delicious skillet they make at Silver Dollar City.

Start with peppers and onions and slice them all up. I like to do mine the night before so there is very little prep the day of.

Then I use mild Italian sausage and cut up into small bites. It cooks a lot faster that way.
Take two sweet potatoes and peel and slice into thin slices so that they cook evenly.
I put a little olive oil in the pan and add the peppers and onions. Let them cook till they are slightly softened and then dump the sweet potatoes on top. Stir and then cover and cook for around 15 minutes. I check them every so often and stir to make sure they aren't over cooking. Meanwhile start your sausage in another pan. I add a little oil to this pan as well, but if you have a good non-stick pan you would probably be fine without it. Cook the sausage till it's done. After about 5 minutes of the potato, pepper, onion mixture cooking add all your spices. We don't have any Cajun spice so I used THIS recipe to make up some, and it worked perfectly!

I'm now sipping on my coconut coffee and dreaming about the bubble bath I'm going to take tonight. Like I said I only plan about three days at a time so I don't get overwhelmed so tonight will be my plan night for Thursday-Sunday.
I'll keep ya'll posted on my plan and PLEASE let me know if you have found any super delicious recipes you would like to share!

28 days to go!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Whole 30 Day 1

Hey ya'll it's Day 1 and I only wanted to give up about twice, so I'm counting it a win!

This was my breakfast:

This is the Paleo Strawberry Coconut Smoothie. SUPER easy to make and you can find the recipe HERE. I tweaked mine a little. There is NO WAY I could use 8 cups of kale, and I only had 3 cups of frozen strawberries. Mine made about 3 servings with a serving being 2 cups.
I had this as a mid-morning snack. I'm not quite sure if this Almond Butter is allowed since it isn't organic, but it was delicious and a perfect alternative to peanut butter since that FOR SURE isn't allowed.

Lunch I ate before I realized I didn't take a picture, however today I had spring mix salad, sunflower seeds, with ff poppyseed dressing (again, not sure that, that is paleo approved - I plan on making a paleo approved dressing tonight for tomorrow), and then some shredded chicken with paleo BBQ sauce. It was pretty delicious.

 For dinner we cooked pork chops on the grill, green beans, and a salad. I should have made some potato fries to go with it, because I'm already a little hungry, but I didn't have time tonight.

When I'm not eating sweet things I invest in this delicious coffee and always have a cup or two before bed. Caffeine doesn't effect me, and it's just the sweet taste that I need. I found mine at Wal-Mart.

Overall, I wasn't too bad with cravings until I had to sit in a meeting all afternoon. Then, all I could think about was chocolate and the McDonald's drive thru. Since I have been doing WW I still calculated my daily points and I was around 33 points, which is still under my daily goal.

Check back tomorrow for Day 2, and possibly some added exercise -- depending on my allergies! :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Whole 30 Day 0!

Hey ya'll! It's Whole 30 Day 0 which means I'm preppin' like a pro yo!

I've mapped out my calendar

I've got my grocery list ready and I'm headed to the store to get my stuff in gear. I cleaned out my pantry last night and donated all of this junk to some friends...

I couldn't believe how many carbs I was keeping around the house!?!

Tonight I'm prepping my smoothies for breakfast and my salad for lunches this week. I've been having trouble determining what type of dressing to use, but I made a big thing of spicy shredded chicken so I'm going to put that on top of my salad and use that as my dressing. 

Here's to hoping day 1 goes great with no caffeine headaches and lots of energy! Let's do this thang!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So What Wednesday!?

Life After I Dew

So it's been a hot minute or two since I've linked up with Darci for SO What Wednesday so here goes nothing...

- SO what if I had planned to have Tuna Salad sandwiches for dinner, and then ate this instead...

It's too nice outside to cook inside, thus I just might be grilling every night!

- SO what if school is still in session for 4 more weeks. I'm planning for next year's pirate theme.
You can check out my TPT store here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Candace-Decker
- SO what is I just dropped $130 doll hairs on some essential oils. My daughter just slept through the night and to me that is priceless!! Message me for details! They are seriously life changing y'all!
-SO what if it's only Wednesday and I keep thinking, is it Friday yet!?! I'm exhausted and need about a week to catch up on my sleep!
- SO what if I'm trying to eat healthy and lose weight, but these little guys snuck into my mouth?
Happy Hump Day Friends! Hope you have a great day and tune in Friday for my plan for the weekends, since that seems to be my downfalls!
How do y'all deal with the weekends? 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekly Goals

There are roughly 10 weeks before I leave for Florida and I am ready to rock this thing!

I want it bad this time. I'm determined to take it one day at a time and not give up. I'm prepped and ready for this week, so bring it on! 

Here is how my week will go. 

  Breakfast - Bagel thin with 1 oz fat free cream cheese / banana (4 points plus)
  Lunch - Creamy Tomato Soup  ( 5 points)
  Dinner - Tuna salad on a sandwich thin/cucumber slices -  Guessing around 7 points?
  Snacks - WW popcorn (3 points) , yogurt ( 2 points) , grapes, pineapple, reduced fat cheez-its (4       points)

   Breakfast - Bagel thin with 1 oz fat free cream cheese / banana (4 points plus)
   Lunch - I will be on a field trip so most likely a PB/Jelly Sandwich and Chips (points to be determined)
   Dinner - Crockpot Lasagna ( online WW recipe) = 10 points per serving
   Snacks -  WW popcorn (3 points) , yogurt ( 2 points) , grapes, pineapple

   Breakfast - Bagel thin with 1 oz fat free cream cheese / banana (4 points plus)
   Lunch - SmartOne
   Dinner - Parmesan Crusted Tilapia/ Steamed Veggies =  (Rough guess 8 points?)
    Snacks -  WW popcorn (3 points) , yogurt ( 2 points) , grapes, pineapple

     Breakfast - Turkey and Cheese lunchable (6 points) I'll be eating in my car.
     Lunch - SmartOne or eating out something sensible (It's a meeting day)
     Dinner - Shrimp/Chicken Fajitas (points to be determined) 

    Breakfast - Turkey and Cheese lunchable (6 points) I'll be eating in my car, again.)
    Lunch - SmartOne or eating out something sensible (It's another meeting day.)
   Dinner - To be determined.. We're headed to SDC for the weekend.

I know that I won't stick to this plan exactly but this gives me a rough idea of my food choices for the week to stay within my points plus value for each day. I would like to try not to use any of my extra points because I will be eating out a lot Thursday - Saturday and will need those extra points those days.

My challenges for myself this week are:
      **To get at least 10,000 steps each day using my fitbit flex.
      ** To workout 3x using my new Jillian Michael DVD.
     ** No Fast Food
     ** No REAL soda

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hot Mess Express

The title of this post pretty much sums up my past week. 

And that delicious milkshake pretty much sums up my meals as if lately. 

As I've said before I'm an all or nothing girl. So after rocking it last week and losing 2.6 pounds I knew this past week would be hard. Thursday we were going to be gone all day and then Friday we left for a mini vacation weekend. So after eating like crap all weekend when I came back on Monday I was all like, "Oh well I've already eaten all my extra points" I'm ashamed to say this is an actual text from me to my BFF for life. 

So whatcha gonna do!? 

I've got to decide how and why I want it. Do I want it? What's it worth? What's it worth giving up? 
Those are my thoughts for the next few days because it's April and I should already be down 40 pounds if I would have followed through with my plan. I'm going to the beach and I need to not regret every second I spend there come July. 
I also know that I need help. I need motivation. I need some accountability. So if there is anyone out there who would like to help me I would LOVE you help! I'm ready to rock this out of the water. I NEED to get healthier for my Princess and for myself. I need to find my self worth. I need some self confidence. 

Here's to a new fresh start again. :)) I got this!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Balancing like a teeter-totter

Lessons I have learned this past week:
  1. I'm an all or nothing girl when it comes to eating. I either track everything I eat or ignore everything I eat. 
  2. I either cook a crap ton of food and have a lot of leftovers or cook nothing and eat out. 
  3. There are 90 days till summer. 

  4. Sleep deprivation may just kill me. 
  5. I must set out my lunch/breakfast the night before or I'm eating school lunch or a candy bar. 
 6. Have I mentioned there are only 90 days till summer!?

So I'm going to kick off my bathing suit prep by completing this 21 day challenge. 

Who's with me!? I'm starting this week! 

Have a good Monday y'all!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Food Preppin' Like a Pro Yo...

As I logged onto Facebook for the hundredth millionth time (anyone else!?) I noticed that it was weigh-in day for one of my friends and she was down another 2.4 pounds making her total weight loss in 5 weeks almost 20 pounds. WHAT!?! I knew instantly I have to get my shit together pronto!

So my goal between now and Thursday when my week begins is to food prep like it's my job. I have 5 weeks till Easter and I need to lose 20 pounds to be at my April goal. Plus, I've given up buying clothes for lent and I HAVE to fit into this dress I bought last summer that doesn't fit. 

I'm starting with breakfast. It's one of my most favorite meals because I sit in my silent classroom and get to enjoy whatever I'm eating for a brief 20 minutes before the chaos ensues. Here are some of the things I will be eating:
   Raisin Bran Crunch Cereal/skim milk/banana - 
   French toast breakfast sandwiches/orange - 6 points plus
   Two plain waffles/1 tbsp butter - 
    Quaker instant strawberry oatmeal/skim milk - 7 points plus

Lunch is the most hectic meal for me because I get 20 minutes to drop by kiddos off, use the restroom, eat lunch, and then pick them back up. Before, I have always felt like I need a lunch (I.e. BIG), but I'm trying to change my thinking. Here are some of my meal ideas for lunch:
    Campbell's Tomato Soup (the hand held kind) - 5 points plus 
    Apples/sugar free caramel/cheese/crackers/grapes - 
    Toast with PB/Yogurt - 
    Homemade Chilli - 
Dinner is my most hated meal. I am normally exhausted when I get home and I pretty much hate cooking. I REALLY want to enjoy it so I'm trying! My problem is I need simple PLANNED out meals, key word planned! I need to know exactly what needs to be done and how I'm going to get it done. Here are some recipes that I have found that I think I might actually be able to whip up:
   Meatless Tostados - http://bigredpot.com/weight-watchers-wednesday/tostadas-4-points-plus/    
Skinny Chicken Alfredo - http://www.loseweightbyeating.com/skinny-chicken-alfredo-bake-287-calories/
Fried Onion Rings - 5 points plus / Buffalo Chicken Wings - 5 points plus


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meal Planning.. Or something like that...

So it's been a hot minute since I have blogged. Since I have been on last I half-assed a whole 30 challenge for 30 days and lost 9 pounds. Then I immediately ate as many carbs, sugar, and dairy as I could fit in my mouth and haven't weighed in a week. :( 
Today is a new day though and I'm meal planning. I know that not meal planning is planning to fail. I am planning on mapping out everything I'm going to put in my mouth so that I don't go over my weight watchers points. 

 Blurry picture fail, but this delicious recipe came from this blog I stumbled upon on Pinterest. Recipe can be found here - http://ryleegrover.blogspot.com/2012/10/healthy-recipes-warm-cinnamon-swirls.html

Since it's another snow day here in the Midwest I also put a recipe in the crockpot. If it isn't a complete fail I'll have the recipe up on the blog this week. 

I have two months till Easter - my goal is to lose 20 pounds by then. 
I have 5 months till Florida - my goal is to lose 40 pounds by then. 

These are my big goals for now. However, my goal for this week is to not have gained any by Thursday since I went a little crazy this week. Baby steps people, baby steps. 

Peace and love! 

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and MyFitnessPal at cdecker0 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Recap on a Sunday

To say I am sick of the snow would be an understatement. I have ran out of all my winter candles which I feel like is a sign from God that summer needs to get here so I can get my summer scents out. 

This is what is currently on the ground, and there is a weather advisory till noon tomorrow because they're calling for 1-2 MORE inches of snow. We have had more snow days this school year than we have had in all my past three years of teaching. It's been crazy! 

I spent my weekend snuggling a sick Princess. We are all sick of this snow! 

She had tubes put in a year ago, and then one removed in December, and now has another ear infection. Ear infections are brutal!! 

We did leave the house on Sunday for a little bit to go grocery shopping. We have been trying to eat  clean about 80% of the time. 

I'm running out of cooking ideas though! What do you cook if you eat clean? We have pretty much eaten chicken, steak, veggies, and fruit. Nothing exciting and no recipes. We tried to eliminate dairy last week but I'm going to have to add some back in. I know that cheese is processed but honestly everything taste so much better smothered in cheese! I will continue eating low carb though because I feel amazing without it! 

Hopefully I will have some extra time to get back in the groove of the things and blog! I miss it! 

Hope y'all have a great week and stay warm! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So What Wednesday!?

Life After I Dew
HALLA-LUYER it is Wednesday! Can I get an Amen!?

So I'm linking up with Darci and Shannon For So what Wednesday!?

* So what if I have yet to make it to see a 4:30 am workout. Getting Up that early is for the birds. I have to workout at night. End of story. 
* So what if all of our meals this week have came from the Crockpot. I can not cook dinner, workout, clean the house, and play with the Princess all before her 7:30 pm bath. I get home at 5 people. 
* So what if I can't secretly wait for the new season of the Voice -- Mmmm Usher! 

* So what if I need to be doing this months budget but instead am watching  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I have a severe addiction to reality TV!
* So what if I have to go to bed at 9 pm. If I don't go to bed early I will literally eat until I fall asleep. #fatgirlproblems
* So what if it's Wednesday and I have yet to do lesson plans. Next week is a short week due to the holiday so I'm hoping I can get them done this weekend. 

Hope y'all have a Happy Hump Day! I know I am ready for Friday!! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Weekends Include napping and food prepping...

Since I'm back to a full week of school this week I knew I had to food prep this weekend!

One of my main problems is that by the time I get home from school I don't want to cook, so I have learned I MUST food prep! 

Last night I made up my roast for tonight's dinner. Just a roast, baby carrots, red potatoes, mushroom soup mix, and a can of cream of mushroom soup. Then I put it in the refrigerator so when I woke up this morning all I had to do was put it in the crockpot holder and turn on. 

I had cooked up some taco meat earlier in the weekend and had some peppers that needed badly to be used so I decided to make stuffed peppers that I could throw in the crockpot Tuesday night. I found a recipe on Pinterest but didn't have all the stuff so I just did my thing. 

This mixture includes a can of corn, a can of tomato soup, hamburger, and taco seasoning. 

I then put that in the peppers and wrapped it in plastic wrap. On Tuesday I will put some reduced fat cheddar cheese on top and place it in the crockpot. I also plan on making some rice to go with it. Should be delicious!!

For my lunches I grilled up some chicken and made up my salads for the next couple days. 

I'm super excited to (fingers crossed) be AHEAD of the game this week. I am doing the Skinny Meg diet bet and I have to lose that 4%!!

Of course what would be a weekend without a good nap! 

I'm going to miss those this week! 

Hope y'all have a great week! 

What do you do to food prep and prepare for your week?