Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So What Wednesday!?

Life After I Dew
HALLA-LUYER it is Wednesday! Can I get an Amen!?

So I'm linking up with Darci and Shannon For So what Wednesday!?

* So what if I have yet to make it to see a 4:30 am workout. Getting Up that early is for the birds. I have to workout at night. End of story. 
* So what if all of our meals this week have came from the Crockpot. I can not cook dinner, workout, clean the house, and play with the Princess all before her 7:30 pm bath. I get home at 5 people. 
* So what if I can't secretly wait for the new season of the Voice -- Mmmm Usher! 

* So what if I need to be doing this months budget but instead am watching  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I have a severe addiction to reality TV!
* So what if I have to go to bed at 9 pm. If I don't go to bed early I will literally eat until I fall asleep. #fatgirlproblems
* So what if it's Wednesday and I have yet to do lesson plans. Next week is a short week due to the holiday so I'm hoping I can get them done this weekend. 

Hope y'all have a Happy Hump Day! I know I am ready for Friday!! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Weekends Include napping and food prepping...

Since I'm back to a full week of school this week I knew I had to food prep this weekend!

One of my main problems is that by the time I get home from school I don't want to cook, so I have learned I MUST food prep! 

Last night I made up my roast for tonight's dinner. Just a roast, baby carrots, red potatoes, mushroom soup mix, and a can of cream of mushroom soup. Then I put it in the refrigerator so when I woke up this morning all I had to do was put it in the crockpot holder and turn on. 

I had cooked up some taco meat earlier in the weekend and had some peppers that needed badly to be used so I decided to make stuffed peppers that I could throw in the crockpot Tuesday night. I found a recipe on Pinterest but didn't have all the stuff so I just did my thing. 

This mixture includes a can of corn, a can of tomato soup, hamburger, and taco seasoning. 

I then put that in the peppers and wrapped it in plastic wrap. On Tuesday I will put some reduced fat cheddar cheese on top and place it in the crockpot. I also plan on making some rice to go with it. Should be delicious!!

For my lunches I grilled up some chicken and made up my salads for the next couple days. 

I'm super excited to (fingers crossed) be AHEAD of the game this week. I am doing the Skinny Meg diet bet and I have to lose that 4%!!

Of course what would be a weekend without a good nap! 

I'm going to miss those this week! 

Hope y'all have a great week! 

What do you do to food prep and prepare for your week?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday Link Up!

This has been the shortest longest week of my life! Yesterday was day 1 back of school after a 2 week break and then 3 snow days. To say the least the kiddos were SUPER excited to be back and honestly I am too! I NEED routine like Miley needs to Twerk.. :) hmm...

This from Etsy needs to hop in my cart and get to my house ASAP! My bathroom would look fabulous with this in it! Anyone crafty want to make this for me!? Anyone? 

Let's be honest.. I'm getting older and, as much as I would like to thing that I don't have wrinkles - I do! This little number from Mary Kay has been a life saver! 

This was my school bag this morning and I LOVE how healthy it was and how great it felt to be prepared. I food prepped like a champ Wednesday night so I could have everything ready for the hubby and I. 

The Princess needed to take a bath like Mommy so - bubbles and candles it is! I love how girly she is and how in love with her mommy she is. So snuggly!!


No Need to explain. :)

Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend! I'll be back Monday to let you know how the eating healthy is going! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Parenting is HARD!

I'm pretty sure being a parent is the hardest thing I have ever done. It's such an emotional roller coaster and I constantly worry that I'm failing.

Since I'm a teacher I have been at home with the Princess for the last three weeks. On Tuesday after being stuck in the house for four days due to the snow I decided she NEEDED to go to daycare on Wendesday and I NEEDED some time to get stuff done. I was going to pick her up after lunch so I could spend the afternoon with her since I'm sure we will be  going back to school tomorrow, then I got stuck in my driveway. My mom came to the rescue and went and got her and brought her to me and the first thing she tells my mom is - "Mommy didn't pick me up?" - because that morning I had told her I would pick her up after lunch. Seriously broken heart here!! Princess- 1 Mommy - 0

Then she didn't want to lay down for a nap and screamed until she fell asleep. She cried repeatedly for her daddy and wouldn't even let me touch her. Princess - 2 Mommy- 0

I'm so torn between trying to keep my house clean, laundry done, school work together, working out, eating healthy, and being a good mom. Yes I need to lose weight and I'm doing that but, does it really matter if there are toys strung all over the living room? I'm hoping not! I am going to learn to let go and let out house be lived in. 

So along with losing weight I'm going to focus on the Princess. I need to stop being selfish and worrying about tidying up and making sure everything is perfect and just focus on her. She won't be here forever and while she is I need to spend as much time as possible with her. 

How do you guys find the balance? What works for you? 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

So What Wednesday Link Up!?!

Life After I Dew

Linking up for so what Wednesday with Darci and Shannon!

- So what if I'm starting over because I ate my way out of the house during the Snowpocolypse of 2014.
- So what if this is my laundry room's current status -- be looking for a post on that soon!

- So what if I threw away two trash bags full of expired or stale food from the pantry. I'm sort of a hoarder, yet looking at the rooms in my house you would never know that because I hide it well.
- So what if I went 6 days without drinking a diet coke, and then have had one every day since Sunday. I have decided there are some things I can give up and some I can't and diet coke might not be one of them. We shall see.
- So what if school was suppose to start on Monday, but due to the HUGE amount of snow we have yet to go. I'm pretty sure I will be in school till June.
- So what if I started my new Diet Bet with Skinny Meg yet didn't meal plan tonight. I am going first thing in the morning to the grocery store to get my rear in gear! Failure to plan is planning to fail. 
- So what if I have yet to write lesson plans and we may or may not go back to school tomorrow. My goal is to get that together today. 

Hope y'all have a Happy Hump Day! 

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Good grief!!

So I decided to really get serious December 29th and I did totally awesome until this happened.

I have been locked inside my house for two days! Thus this took place...
So today I will get back to the grind - even though it's a snow day I plan on getting up early and getting in some Jillian Michaels. I WILL not be a statistic. I WILL not be one of those people who quits  after a week. I am making a life change and therefore have to make good choices daily. 

This post was going to be about the good food I had been eating so here are some of those meals!


I've been eating a half of a low carb tortilla, two scrambled eggs, two pieces of center cut bacon, a pinch of cheddar cheese, and franks hot sauce. This breakfast is so filling and comes up to about 240 calories. 
I also had this one morning. A low carb tortilla, tablespoon of soy butter, drizzle of honey, mini chocolate chips, and slices of a banana. Not really my favorite, but something new. 

Sorry for the half eaten food! I realized I hadn't taken a picture until I was almost done. I made some tuna salad at the beginning of the week and divided it into serving sizes for calorie purposes. I have a serving of tuna salad, Swiss cheese, two slices of 45 calorie bread, and some pineapples. Again it's very filling and low in calories. 


This was delicious and so super easy! A hamburger patty, half a slice of Swiss cheese, a baked sweet potatoe with a little butter and cinnamon, and sautéed vegetables. 

What are your favorite healthy eating recipes? How are you doing on your New Year goals? 

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday

I've been hating on myself hard core lately, so finding five things I'm totally in love with right now was the perfect post for me!

1. I'm in love with this camera strap. Santana brought me a new camera so this is the perfect accessory for it!

2. I'm loving my winter centerpiece!

I bought it at a craft show and I absolutely love it!! It looks great with my rustic table!

3. Bath and Body Works is having their Semi-Annual sale. Holla!! ( in my loudest Oprah voice) So I picked up some of this stuff which is a little slice of heaven. 

It made everything smell amazing and I'm sure I feel less stressed. It could be the wine though. ;)


Luna Bars have been my saving grace this week. They're low in calories and exactly what I need after a workout. Plus they taste like amazing chocatlety goodness!!


This is how I'm spending my last weekend of Christmas break -- in a condo, relaxing drinking margaritas with my family. Soo needed before I start back to the grind! 

Hope y'all have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday with a weigh in and what I've been eating! 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Back to School Routine

Hey y'all! Day 1 of the Jillian Michaels 30 day challenge is done. I love getting it done early so I can move on with my day knowing that I worked out already. I also got in 20 minutes on the elliptical. But let's back up to the Jillian Michaels. I decided to try the Yoga Burn today and I felt totall incompetent. I feel like my burn was terrible because I could barely do some of the moves. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but tomorrow I will go back to the tried and true - 30 day shred. I'll let you know how it goes! 

Let's talk about ROUTINE.. It's seriously needed to achieve my goals and since I have been off for the last 14 days I'm a little nervous about starting back to school and still keeping it all together. To help with this HUGE anxiety I'm getting a plan in place and putting it on paper (or the internet..Whatevs)

The night before I will make sure my lunch is ready, gym bag packed, clothes laid out for the Princess and I, and that I have showered. 

4:30: Alarm will go off - I won't want to get up. I will be tired. My bed will be warm and the room will be cold, but I will get up and I will go immediately to the bathroom and put my contacts in. I will go to the living room and complete one of the Jillian videos I have. 

5:15: I will shower off, freshen up, do my hair and makeup, as well as drink my coffee. 

6:15: I will leave my house and head to work. If I need something in the car I will eat an apple or banana. 

7:15-8:00: Arrive at school -get ready for my day. Make sure all copies are made and penciled are sharpened. 

8:00-8:20: Eat breakfast - Since I will be eating at school I will either have toast and peanut butter with an apple or egg muffins with strawberries and stevia. I will also make sure I have my water jug full and another cup of coffee. 

11:10-11:30: lunch time! This will include something healthy and pre-planned. 

3:30: Kiddos leave and I will change into my workout clothes. Tuesday and Thursdays I will go straight to the gym and get in a short run before body pump class from 5:00-6:00. 

If it isn't a Tuesday or Thursday I will pick up the Princess and head home to start preparing dinner. On Tuesday and Thursdays I hope to have a meal in the crockpot or something quick that I can throw together when I get home. 

9:00: I will make sure I am showered and everything is ready by this time so that I can get to bed early and rest up. 

This will suck until it becomes a routine however, I recently read an article that really helped me. 

Those were just the top 6 and FOR REALZ I needed to hear number 2. That will be my motto this year. 

Don't feel guilty for doing what you truly want to do - I.e. I won't feel guilty for the Princess being picked up later two days a weeks so that I can work out. I am bettering myself to make her life and mine better and for that I'm not going to feel guilty. 

What's your routine for 2014? How do you keep it all together?