Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Back to School Routine

Hey y'all! Day 1 of the Jillian Michaels 30 day challenge is done. I love getting it done early so I can move on with my day knowing that I worked out already. I also got in 20 minutes on the elliptical. But let's back up to the Jillian Michaels. I decided to try the Yoga Burn today and I felt totall incompetent. I feel like my burn was terrible because I could barely do some of the moves. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but tomorrow I will go back to the tried and true - 30 day shred. I'll let you know how it goes! 

Let's talk about ROUTINE.. It's seriously needed to achieve my goals and since I have been off for the last 14 days I'm a little nervous about starting back to school and still keeping it all together. To help with this HUGE anxiety I'm getting a plan in place and putting it on paper (or the internet..Whatevs)

The night before I will make sure my lunch is ready, gym bag packed, clothes laid out for the Princess and I, and that I have showered. 

4:30: Alarm will go off - I won't want to get up. I will be tired. My bed will be warm and the room will be cold, but I will get up and I will go immediately to the bathroom and put my contacts in. I will go to the living room and complete one of the Jillian videos I have. 

5:15: I will shower off, freshen up, do my hair and makeup, as well as drink my coffee. 

6:15: I will leave my house and head to work. If I need something in the car I will eat an apple or banana. 

7:15-8:00: Arrive at school -get ready for my day. Make sure all copies are made and penciled are sharpened. 

8:00-8:20: Eat breakfast - Since I will be eating at school I will either have toast and peanut butter with an apple or egg muffins with strawberries and stevia. I will also make sure I have my water jug full and another cup of coffee. 

11:10-11:30: lunch time! This will include something healthy and pre-planned. 

3:30: Kiddos leave and I will change into my workout clothes. Tuesday and Thursdays I will go straight to the gym and get in a short run before body pump class from 5:00-6:00. 

If it isn't a Tuesday or Thursday I will pick up the Princess and head home to start preparing dinner. On Tuesday and Thursdays I hope to have a meal in the crockpot or something quick that I can throw together when I get home. 

9:00: I will make sure I am showered and everything is ready by this time so that I can get to bed early and rest up. 

This will suck until it becomes a routine however, I recently read an article that really helped me. 

Those were just the top 6 and FOR REALZ I needed to hear number 2. That will be my motto this year. 

Don't feel guilty for doing what you truly want to do - I.e. I won't feel guilty for the Princess being picked up later two days a weeks so that I can work out. I am bettering myself to make her life and mine better and for that I'm not going to feel guilty. 

What's your routine for 2014? How do you keep it all together? 

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