Monday, January 6, 2014

Good grief!!

So I decided to really get serious December 29th and I did totally awesome until this happened.

I have been locked inside my house for two days! Thus this took place...
So today I will get back to the grind - even though it's a snow day I plan on getting up early and getting in some Jillian Michaels. I WILL not be a statistic. I WILL not be one of those people who quits  after a week. I am making a life change and therefore have to make good choices daily. 

This post was going to be about the good food I had been eating so here are some of those meals!


I've been eating a half of a low carb tortilla, two scrambled eggs, two pieces of center cut bacon, a pinch of cheddar cheese, and franks hot sauce. This breakfast is so filling and comes up to about 240 calories. 
I also had this one morning. A low carb tortilla, tablespoon of soy butter, drizzle of honey, mini chocolate chips, and slices of a banana. Not really my favorite, but something new. 

Sorry for the half eaten food! I realized I hadn't taken a picture until I was almost done. I made some tuna salad at the beginning of the week and divided it into serving sizes for calorie purposes. I have a serving of tuna salad, Swiss cheese, two slices of 45 calorie bread, and some pineapples. Again it's very filling and low in calories. 


This was delicious and so super easy! A hamburger patty, half a slice of Swiss cheese, a baked sweet potatoe with a little butter and cinnamon, and sautéed vegetables. 

What are your favorite healthy eating recipes? How are you doing on your New Year goals? 

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