Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So What Wednesday!?

Life After I Dew

So it's been a hot minute or two since I've linked up with Darci for SO What Wednesday so here goes nothing...

- SO what if I had planned to have Tuna Salad sandwiches for dinner, and then ate this instead...

It's too nice outside to cook inside, thus I just might be grilling every night!

- SO what if school is still in session for 4 more weeks. I'm planning for next year's pirate theme.
You can check out my TPT store here:
- SO what is I just dropped $130 doll hairs on some essential oils. My daughter just slept through the night and to me that is priceless!! Message me for details! They are seriously life changing y'all!
-SO what if it's only Wednesday and I keep thinking, is it Friday yet!?! I'm exhausted and need about a week to catch up on my sleep!
- SO what if I'm trying to eat healthy and lose weight, but these little guys snuck into my mouth?
Happy Hump Day Friends! Hope you have a great day and tune in Friday for my plan for the weekends, since that seems to be my downfalls!
How do y'all deal with the weekends? 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekly Goals

There are roughly 10 weeks before I leave for Florida and I am ready to rock this thing!

I want it bad this time. I'm determined to take it one day at a time and not give up. I'm prepped and ready for this week, so bring it on! 

Here is how my week will go. 

  Breakfast - Bagel thin with 1 oz fat free cream cheese / banana (4 points plus)
  Lunch - Creamy Tomato Soup  ( 5 points)
  Dinner - Tuna salad on a sandwich thin/cucumber slices -  Guessing around 7 points?
  Snacks - WW popcorn (3 points) , yogurt ( 2 points) , grapes, pineapple, reduced fat cheez-its (4       points)

   Breakfast - Bagel thin with 1 oz fat free cream cheese / banana (4 points plus)
   Lunch - I will be on a field trip so most likely a PB/Jelly Sandwich and Chips (points to be determined)
   Dinner - Crockpot Lasagna ( online WW recipe) = 10 points per serving
   Snacks -  WW popcorn (3 points) , yogurt ( 2 points) , grapes, pineapple

   Breakfast - Bagel thin with 1 oz fat free cream cheese / banana (4 points plus)
   Lunch - SmartOne
   Dinner - Parmesan Crusted Tilapia/ Steamed Veggies =  (Rough guess 8 points?)
    Snacks -  WW popcorn (3 points) , yogurt ( 2 points) , grapes, pineapple

     Breakfast - Turkey and Cheese lunchable (6 points) I'll be eating in my car.
     Lunch - SmartOne or eating out something sensible (It's a meeting day)
     Dinner - Shrimp/Chicken Fajitas (points to be determined) 

    Breakfast - Turkey and Cheese lunchable (6 points) I'll be eating in my car, again.)
    Lunch - SmartOne or eating out something sensible (It's another meeting day.)
   Dinner - To be determined.. We're headed to SDC for the weekend.

I know that I won't stick to this plan exactly but this gives me a rough idea of my food choices for the week to stay within my points plus value for each day. I would like to try not to use any of my extra points because I will be eating out a lot Thursday - Saturday and will need those extra points those days.

My challenges for myself this week are:
      **To get at least 10,000 steps each day using my fitbit flex.
      ** To workout 3x using my new Jillian Michael DVD.
     ** No Fast Food
     ** No REAL soda

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hot Mess Express

The title of this post pretty much sums up my past week. 

And that delicious milkshake pretty much sums up my meals as if lately. 

As I've said before I'm an all or nothing girl. So after rocking it last week and losing 2.6 pounds I knew this past week would be hard. Thursday we were going to be gone all day and then Friday we left for a mini vacation weekend. So after eating like crap all weekend when I came back on Monday I was all like, "Oh well I've already eaten all my extra points" I'm ashamed to say this is an actual text from me to my BFF for life. 

So whatcha gonna do!? 

I've got to decide how and why I want it. Do I want it? What's it worth? What's it worth giving up? 
Those are my thoughts for the next few days because it's April and I should already be down 40 pounds if I would have followed through with my plan. I'm going to the beach and I need to not regret every second I spend there come July. 
I also know that I need help. I need motivation. I need some accountability. So if there is anyone out there who would like to help me I would LOVE you help! I'm ready to rock this out of the water. I NEED to get healthier for my Princess and for myself. I need to find my self worth. I need some self confidence. 

Here's to a new fresh start again. :)) I got this!