Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So What Wednesday!?

Life After I Dew

So it's been a hot minute or two since I've linked up with Darci for SO What Wednesday so here goes nothing...

- SO what if I had planned to have Tuna Salad sandwiches for dinner, and then ate this instead...

It's too nice outside to cook inside, thus I just might be grilling every night!

- SO what if school is still in session for 4 more weeks. I'm planning for next year's pirate theme.
You can check out my TPT store here:
- SO what is I just dropped $130 doll hairs on some essential oils. My daughter just slept through the night and to me that is priceless!! Message me for details! They are seriously life changing y'all!
-SO what if it's only Wednesday and I keep thinking, is it Friday yet!?! I'm exhausted and need about a week to catch up on my sleep!
- SO what if I'm trying to eat healthy and lose weight, but these little guys snuck into my mouth?
Happy Hump Day Friends! Hope you have a great day and tune in Friday for my plan for the weekends, since that seems to be my downfalls!
How do y'all deal with the weekends? 

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