Monday, December 30, 2013

30 Days of Hell..

Happy New Year Y'all!! 

Today it's all about jumping on the bandwagon and setting some goals. I have a hard time setting yearly goals and keeping them so I have decided to make monthly goals. 

I logged onto Instagram a few days ago and saw that one of my favorite bloggers is hosting a challenge. 

Oh boy! I have started and quit Jillian so many times it's ridiculous. So when I saw this I knew I have to do it! I have the 30 day shred video and as long as I can get my tushy out of bed in the mornings I can do this! PLUS there's a $150 prize for the person with the best results, and homegirl could definitely use $150 since I dropped a load of singles at Targets after Christmas sale. 

Goal two: Lose 10 pounds this month. According to my calorie intake I should be losing about 2 pounds a week so to get to my goal weight it will take me 42 weeks. This means by July I should be down a little over 50 pounds which will feel AMAZING! 

Goal Three: Just keep tracking! It's a day by day process and I have to live in the moment and just keep my focus. 

What are your 2014 goals? How are you going to stay motivated? 


  1. Great goals! I had thought about the Jillian challenge too, but I just got the Biggest Loser 30 day X-Train video in the mail, so I plan to give that a try. I think 10lbs a month is such an amazing goal! I have a wedding I'm in in May so that would be about exactly where I want to be for that dress. Tracking is a huge goal for me too! I'm going to work hard for my longest streak ever logging into MyFitnessPal.

    Good goals, you'll do great! Happy New Year!

    1. Let me know how the Biggest Loser video goes! I have several but haven't ever tried them. Good luck with your goals! We can do this!