Sunday, December 15, 2013


Toy been wastingMotivation is what I'm lacking. I have had no desire to move my lazy behind. I have had no desire to eat what I should. I have had no desire to track like I should. However as I looked in the mirror tonight I realized how tired I am of making excuses. I'm tired of going to Ned feeling like crap because of all the food I have shoveled into my mouth. I'm tired of wondering if I'm embarrassing my family by them being seen with me - an overweight obese person. I need to find what motivates me and while I'm still working on that I decided to make myself a reward chart to get me through April. My short term goal is to have lost 40 pounds by my 26th birthday. 

10 pound goal - A Ruffles with Love shirt from Etsy
20 pound goal - Join the Y here in our town
30 pound goal - complete the 24 day advocare challenge to amp up my weightloss
40 pound goal - This beautiful dress from The Zig Zag Stripe. 

I've currently been wasting $40 a month on weight watchers since I haven't been tracking or going to the meetings so I've decided to give that up and just track through My Fitness Pal. I know the key is to plan plan plan so I PLAN on doing that this week! Check back for my plan this week! 


  1. Please post the link to the shop with that tank. I must have it!

    1. It's from an Etsy shop - Ruffles with Love
      I use the Etsy app so I don't have a direct link for you but just search for her store. Suoer Cute stuff! If you order anything let her know I sent you!