Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Whole 30 Day 2

Hey ya'll I'm hanging in there for day 2, which was WAY harder than day 1. I think when it is 90 degrees outside you must have three things; alcohol, hot dogs, and baked beans. All of which I can have none of, so I've been a little testy!

Breakfast was these DELICIOUS muffins! Recipe found HERE

Question - This recipe says it's Paleo, which I totally understand, but what I don't understand is how the chocolate chips are ok? There were just a few in the recipe so I thought it was fine, but didn't know your thoughts?

Lunch included a salad again with two strips of bacon, sunflower seeds, and fat free poppyseed dressing.

For snack I had an orange, and honestly I was starving. I'm not sure what the difference between today and yesterday was, but I definitely needed something more than just an orange for a snack. So on the way home from school I ate grapes.

Dinner was by FAR my favorite meal!
Seriously AMAZING!!!
So this is something that I kind of made up on my own based on this delicious skillet they make at Silver Dollar City.

Start with peppers and onions and slice them all up. I like to do mine the night before so there is very little prep the day of.

Then I use mild Italian sausage and cut up into small bites. It cooks a lot faster that way.
Take two sweet potatoes and peel and slice into thin slices so that they cook evenly.
I put a little olive oil in the pan and add the peppers and onions. Let them cook till they are slightly softened and then dump the sweet potatoes on top. Stir and then cover and cook for around 15 minutes. I check them every so often and stir to make sure they aren't over cooking. Meanwhile start your sausage in another pan. I add a little oil to this pan as well, but if you have a good non-stick pan you would probably be fine without it. Cook the sausage till it's done. After about 5 minutes of the potato, pepper, onion mixture cooking add all your spices. We don't have any Cajun spice so I used THIS recipe to make up some, and it worked perfectly!

I'm now sipping on my coconut coffee and dreaming about the bubble bath I'm going to take tonight. Like I said I only plan about three days at a time so I don't get overwhelmed so tonight will be my plan night for Thursday-Sunday.
I'll keep ya'll posted on my plan and PLEASE let me know if you have found any super delicious recipes you would like to share!

28 days to go!!

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  1. Way to go! I've never tried Paleo - I love me so carbs - but you're doing an awesome job!