Monday, May 12, 2014

Whole 30 Day 3-8 and a Do over...

 So as you may have noticed I stopped posting, and when I stop posting I've normally fallen off the wagon. It's funny how even though I have a handful of follower, just knowing that SOMEONE may read this keeps me accountable.

So on day 3 a parent brought in donuts for the teachers. I've tried to since starting this life style change live by the motto, "It's only temporary. SOMEDAY I will be able to eat a donut and be ok with ONLY eating one." However on day 3 I thought YOLO! and ate the donut. I couldn't even eat the whole thing before feeling so sick and shaky so I threw it in the trash, but we all know food for most of us is just like a drug, and all it takes is that ONE little bite and we're hooked again. Craving food. Needing more. ALL MY THOUGHTS WERE ABOUT WHAT GOODNESS I WAS GOING TO EAT NEXT. So then lunch came, and I had some chips and potato salad, and then the next day I had just a few things, and so on and so forth until tonight when I ate a FRIED grouper sandwich on bread, with FRIED potato salad, and two rum runners....I am OFF the deep end.

The great thing though, is tomorrow is a BRAND new day! I WANT to change my life. I am not giving up due to a pitfall. I am getting back up on the saddle and doing this, because honestly those two days when I was spot on with my diet I felt powerful. I felt like I was wonder woman. I didn't eat the crap that was thrown in front of my face, and for once I was feeling like I CAN DO THIS!

So here's my meal plan for the next three days. This weekend I will be gone all weekend so I'm a little stressed, but I'm hoping with the positive mind set, and the results that I will see in those three days that I will be ready to roll.

How do ya'll deal if you know you are going to be gone for a weekend? What do you order at restaurants when you are trying to be good?

Hope you have a great Tuesday and I'll keep you posted about my days!

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  1. If I know I am going to a restaurant, I tend to check out MFP to see the calorie count of menu items before ordering. Also, filling up on a house salad, minus cheese, croutons, bacon with vinaigrette dressing on the side before the entree helps, too!