Sunday, June 8, 2014

Starting Over

Today I decided to weigh. I haven't really weighed in like 3 weeks, but I'd been hovering around the same weight. Well I was up 10 pounds!! This is ridiculous. I'm so sick and tired of this up and down journey. I'm so sick and tired of stuffing myself into spanx everyday so I can feel semi-ok in my clothes. I'm so sick of my jeans not buttoning. I'm so sick of only wearing workout pants or leggings, and not because I'm working out, but because that's the only thing that fits.


I logged onto weight watchers. I've changed my weigh-in days to Monday (I think I'll be more accountable over the weekends this way), and I reset my weight loss tracker. I'm starting fresh TOMORROW.

My thoughts about food are going to change. My food habits are going to change. I'm changing. I will not let another birthday go by where I eat myself sick. I'm changing.

Be prepared for lots of posts about food and motivation. This blog is the only thing that really holds me accountable, so I will be having lots of recipes, and updates on how my journey is going.

Know this, tomorrow is DAY ONE OF THE REST OF MY LIFE!

I can do this!!

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