Saturday, June 14, 2014

First Week Back on Track Update

Hey ya'll!

This has been my first week back on track and if I had to rank myself from 0-10 I would give myself a 7.
Monday-Wednesday I rocked it. I went into some of my weeklies, but not very many and I was constantly full. By Thursday I was EXHAUSTED!! Summer school is pretty much sucking my will to live right now. It's so stinkin' early, and it's a full day. A full day with little to no structure = one stressed out teacher. So Thursday night I decided was cheat night.. Fried pickles (Get in my belly!!), two beers, and some catfish later I was feel PRETTY sick. However, Friday was stressful, and I eat my feelings (this HAS to stop) so I ate some cool ranch doritos for a snack instead of the fiber one chocolate chip bar I had brought. Needless to say Friday was a bust too.

It's so funny, because normally I would be like screw it. I've already screwed up my week, I'm out of all my points, etc.. Except this time it's different. I'm not quitting. So I had some screwed up meals. So I screwed up today and ate some CRAP food. Tonight for dinner I'm back on track.

I've learned that just because one meal was crappy doesn't mean you have to eat crappy all day long. Just start over at the next meal.

I won't give up! I'm in this for the long haul.

Check back tomorrow for my meal plans/grocery list for the week!!

How do you stick with it on the weekends?!

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