Sunday, March 16, 2014

Balancing like a teeter-totter

Lessons I have learned this past week:
  1. I'm an all or nothing girl when it comes to eating. I either track everything I eat or ignore everything I eat. 
  2. I either cook a crap ton of food and have a lot of leftovers or cook nothing and eat out. 
  3. There are 90 days till summer. 

  4. Sleep deprivation may just kill me. 
  5. I must set out my lunch/breakfast the night before or I'm eating school lunch or a candy bar. 
 6. Have I mentioned there are only 90 days till summer!?

So I'm going to kick off my bathing suit prep by completing this 21 day challenge. 

Who's with me!? I'm starting this week! 

Have a good Monday y'all!!

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