Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meal Planning.. Or something like that...

So it's been a hot minute since I have blogged. Since I have been on last I half-assed a whole 30 challenge for 30 days and lost 9 pounds. Then I immediately ate as many carbs, sugar, and dairy as I could fit in my mouth and haven't weighed in a week. :( 
Today is a new day though and I'm meal planning. I know that not meal planning is planning to fail. I am planning on mapping out everything I'm going to put in my mouth so that I don't go over my weight watchers points. 

 Blurry picture fail, but this delicious recipe came from this blog I stumbled upon on Pinterest. Recipe can be found here -

Since it's another snow day here in the Midwest I also put a recipe in the crockpot. If it isn't a complete fail I'll have the recipe up on the blog this week. 

I have two months till Easter - my goal is to lose 20 pounds by then. 
I have 5 months till Florida - my goal is to lose 40 pounds by then. 

These are my big goals for now. However, my goal for this week is to not have gained any by Thursday since I went a little crazy this week. Baby steps people, baby steps. 

Peace and love! 

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  1. I like both large goals and mini goals - I like having that big goal on the horizon, but I know I won't get there without mini goals. My goal this week is to brush my teeth each night with the kids and use mouthwash, so I'm less tempted to snack at night. I would set my goal at no nighttime snacking, but I'd fail so I'm going another route! Good luck with your goals too!