Saturday, September 27, 2014

Broken Promises

The time hop app is good for many good memories that you want to remember, however it is also good for reminding you of promises that you made yourself and broke. 

A year ago I attended my first weight watchers meeting for the 3rd time. I was tired of being fat and feeling sick. I wanted a better life for myself and my daughter. I wanted more energy and will power. Here I am a year later and I'm exactly the same weight I was a year ago. Sure I have lost weight, but only to reward myself with food and then gain all the weight back. 

Last week after watching the Biggest Loser I vowed to have my last weigh-in (last Saturday) be the last time that I ever saw that weight again. 231.2 -- then I ate like crap, and gave up, and the same thought I have every week - I'll start again on weigh-in day.  So I weighed in on Saturday and by the grace of God I had lost one pound. 

So once again I'm starting over. I'm going to everyday work to make myself better. I'm going to focus on myself and my health more, and not on everything going on around me. 

Some goals for myself:
   - feel comfortable in my own skin
   - bust into "one"der land by January
   - stop giving up and making excuses
   - just do it! 

Follow me on Instagram at queenofpoints for my daily food updates. It keeps me accountable knowing that people are counting on me so the more encouragement the better. 

This isn't just a walk in the park for me. It's a life long battle, and I have to start battling instead of giving up. 

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