Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Recap and August Goals

I started July with some pretty lofty goals. You can check out that post at the beginning of July. Needless to say I pretty much failed at every goal. However, it's a new month and I have a goal of wearing this beautiful dress from KiKi La'Rue on the first day of school.

The Sweetest of Hears Maxi Dress - Yellow

Beautiful bodice!!

On to my August goals:

1. I will complete 30 days of the 30 day shred. I did awesome the first 10 days of July so I know with a little dedication and rearranging my schedule I can get this done. I might have to go to bed a little earlier and I will probably be really tired at first but it will be worth it!

2. I will stick to my meal plan! Besides how many calories fast food has, it is such a waste of money. I plan on meal planning today and planning for the days I know I will be on vacation and other places besides home.

3. I will register for the Bass Pro 5K and Glow Run.

4.  I will drink my water (through a straw! - best tip I got!! Thanks!)

What are y'all's goals for August?

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  1. Visiting from So What Wednesday! You are almost there 20 more days for The Shred!
    I definitely am in the same boat with the 30 Day Shred.. I was doing so well in the beginning then there was little time. I started back up today so only 19 more days! I know I will have to start working out in the mornings before the kids wake up! It is so hard to go to bed earlier at night though! Good Luck!