Monday, August 26, 2013

So What Wednesday!!!

Thank you sweet baby Jesus for hump day! This mama is exhausted from school! So I'm linking up for So What Wednesday!!

                                           So What Wednesday
* So what if I'm too tired to stick to my cleaning plan. I mean who has time for a clean house anyway?! Not this chicka! Bring on the wine and bubble bath, because ain't nobody got time for cleaning. 

* So what if every time I watch Pretty Little Liars for days I feel like "A" is everywhere. Have I mentioned that I HATE being scared!? And seriously!? Ezra is A!? I can't wait till October!

* So what if I gave up on potty training until October. This summer was terrible and we are gone half the month of September. I will conquer this in October! 

* So what if one of my goals for next week, will be to go to bed before 9! Teaching is exhausting! Come try it out for a day if you don't believe me! 

Have a great rest of the week!! Follow me on Instagram and MyFitnessPal at cdecker0 

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