Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekly Link Up

Operation Skinny Jeans

Linking up with Operation Skinny Jeans again this week for my weekly goals!

Last week I sat some pretty lofty goals for myself, especially since it was the 4th of July. I didn't exactly complete all of them, but I didn't eat fast food! Which was big for me! I did however have it tonight for dinner, so Thank Jesus that this is a new week! I did drink alcohol, which was against my wishes, but as my BFF said, "I think our forefathers would have wanted you to drink." So I took her advice and down the hatch it went. Even though I didn't complete all my goals, I did complete 5 out of 7 days of the 30 day shred!

So here are my goals for this week:

Goal One: Finish strong the next 5 days of the 30 day shred level one. I will move onto level 2 on Sunday.

Goal Two: Drink Water!! I did pretty well last week with eating healthy lunches and working out during the Princess' nap time, which helped with the drinking water thing!

Goal Three: Cook and blog about two healthy meals and recipes! I plan on cooking sausage and peppers this week sometime, as well as something with chicken.

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Hope y'all have a great week! Keep up the work ladies and remember that one bad meal, doesn't equal a bad day.

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