Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday!!

Linking up with Darci for Five on Friday!

1. I did two days of professional development this week.. I.e. getting up early and I feel like I'm dying. I am SOOO not ready for summer to be over!

2. In love with this mascara right now, and it smells good! Weird!

3. Hollywood Game Night has got to be the best new show on TV right now.

4. My bed. Bought this baby off of Overstock and when you come to my house you must lay in it. It's the best bed ever.

5. I can't get enough of the Zig Zag Stripe right now! Quit selling such cute clothes!

Fantabulous Short Dress   <--- Click on this link and go check out one of my favorite new dresses they posted!!

Happy Friday Y'all! Have a great weekend!!

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