Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Goals Link Up

Let me just say I'm ready to get this weight off and keep it off for real! As I was blog stalking this weekend I saw a post by Skinny Hollie where she did mini challenges for herself where she went without something for 21 days. That totally clicked with me! 21 days!? - surely I can do this! So instead of weekly goals I have goals for the next 21 days!

Goal One:
  Absolutely NO real soda! If I drink soda it will be diet, but I will try to stick to water. 

Goal two:
  No Fast Food. For some reason this is so hard for me. I'm so used to eating this that sometimes I eat it without even thinking, but NOT for the next 21 days!!

Goal Three:
  I'm scared to even write this, since every time I have tried to do the 30 day challenge -- but my goal is to do the 30 day shred everyday for the next 21 days. I know that in order to work this into my schedule I will either have to do it in the morning (EARLY - like 4:30 am) or late at night after I'm already exhausted. It will be a HUGE sacrifice, but one that I need to make to jump start this weightloss process again. 

Go link up your goals and lets finish September strong!!

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  1. Thanks for linking up :) Join my 30 Day Challenge!

  2. Good goals! Doing a 21 challenge is a good length of time (and a great way to start a permanent habit!). Good luck and thanks for linking up with us! :)