Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So What Wednesday! -- A Little Late!

Linking up for So What Wednesday!! This is seriously one of my favorite link ups!

* So what if I bought stuff to make S'mores and then joined a DietBet. I guess I will really be testing my will power by not eating the delicious s'more! 

* So what if I have all my fall decorations out and fall scents in my scentsy. I know it's 90 degrees put, but doesn't it look so cozy and comfy!?

* So what if I'm a huge sucker for reality TV. Bravo is my favorite channel! They have all the best drama filled shows! LOVE!

* So what if I went way over on my budget this month. This whole Dave Ramsey thing is hard! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

* So what if I took away the Princesses paci over a week ago and all I want to do is give it back. She looks so grown up without it! I just want her to be little!! Lol

Hope y'all have a great short week!!  


  1. New follower to your blog via Bloglovin! Found you via 'Operation Skinny Jeans! :)