Saturday, May 18, 2013

White Shorts

So there is roughly two weeks till my daughter's 2nd Birthday, and I want to be under 200 pounds!! I also REALLY  want to wear my favorite pair of white shorts that haven't fit since I got married in 2008. So my goal is to do a low carb/no sugar cleanse for the next two weeks to hit that goal. I'm hoping that by making good food choices and exercising I will be able to make this happen.

Here is my plan of action:
  Make Egg Muffins to eat for breakfast.


    Either Lean Cuisines or leftovers. I also might eat salad.

   Grapes (even though these aren't on the low carb/low sugar South Beach diet, I feel like they are ok for me to eat.)

   Low Carb which will include green beans, chicken, salad, mashed cauliflower, tilapia, and possibly lean hamburger meat.

Snack: Yogurt

I will try to post my recipes and pictures, because hopefully that will keep me accountable. I also REALLY want some new clothes from Kiki La'Rue and that is one of my weight loss rewards if I get under 200 pounds!

15 pounds people!! I can do this! I will do this! I will not give up! I will change my life, and my daughter's future!

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