Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So yesterday I promised a post about a day in my life, and then left my IPAD at school! Epic Fail! So be looking for that post next week sometime! Meanwhile I'm linking up for SO What Wednesday!!

So What Wednesday
  It's hard to believe it's Wednesday already!

* So what if this is all I can think about --
* So what if I started Weight Watchers on last Thursday and I'm pretty sure used all my points on Friday. Not that it's ok to eat your feelings (I'm totally working on it), but my grandpa and two uncles have passed away in the past month. To say it has been rough is an understatement.

* So what if it's October and I'm just now getting into gardening. I HATE sweating unless I'm working out, so I'm just now starting. My yard is need of major landscaping! Any advice would be AWESOME!!

* So what if this is the shortest So What Post. I'm out of things to say! I can't get my mind off all the work I have to do to get my kiddos ready for the end of the quarter, and all the grading I need to be doing!

Hope y'all have a great HUMP day!!

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